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Reading Softball LL & Reading Softball


Reading Softball Little League 2018 Rules:

Major Division


6 Inning Games

No Bunting

No Infield Fly

4 Run Max per inning. Continuation rule in effect. Ex: 3 runs in 2nd and 3rd base hit to left 2 runs score team gets 5 for the inning. Once play is over inning is over.

Last Inning is Unlimited Runs.

No stealing of 2nd base.

When ball is thrown back  from the catcher to the pitcher after a pitch the ball is dead.  If it gets by the pitcher the runners can't advance

Can steal 3rd and Home plate. only 2 runs can be scored at home per inning via steal or passed ball.

Players can't leave the base until it crosses home plate. 1st time ball is dead even on batted ball and team gets a warning and batter goes back to bat at original Count.  2nd time runner is out.  1 warning per game.

On a batted ball to right field that hits the ground you can't obtain an out at first base on that play.

 No inning may start after 1:45 of game play.

Pitchers can only pitch 9 innings per week. Week starts Sunday and ends Saturday. One pitch in an inning is an inning

Pitcher, 1st Base and 3rd Base all must wear Fielders Masks.  No exceptions!!

11 inch Softballs

Players must slide on close plays. Ruled Out on Umpires Discretion

All Scores and pitchers innings for the game should be texted ASAP after the game to:
Albie Cail 617-304-7666, and
Larry Hurley 781-696-9135. or email to [email protected]

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